Japanese Beauty Secrets


While I was watching the movie called the memoires of
a geisha, I started becoming fascinated with Japanese skin care secrets. I
don’t know if you have realized but Japanese women have beautiful skin and
their aging process is much slower. I had to research and find out what are
they using or eating that makes their skin so healthy. And I found that they
eat food high in collagen and they use a powder called Nightingale which
basically is bird poop. I know you might be thinking that’s disgusting, but it
is really good for the skin.

They eat fish which provide you with omega 3 and they
eat lots of vegetables and rice. But there is another secret they eat seaweed
called Phytessence Wakame. You can eat it fresh and dried.

Phytessence Wakame is packed with:

  • Calcium (is times more than milk)
  • Minerals such as sodium, iron,
    potassium, and lots of B group vitamins. It has antioxidants too.

So see girls you can follow these steps and take your
skin routine to the next level.


spring, floral, fresh

this white dress is absolutely fresh, i can just imagine wearing something like this on a hot day.

this white dress is absolutely fresh, i can just imagine wearing something like this on a hot day.

long dress wow wow doesn't this just call your name

long dress wow wow doesn’t this just call your name

Spring is a season of new beginning, where flowers come alive again. Its beautiful and crystal pure. Spring can never be complete without that element of brightness, floral or purness. I love spring for the fact that everything gets reinvented, winter things get packed away. Even body’s get worked on with diets and exercise plans, to dust all that winter dust of.
Like Dolce & Gabbana’s new spring 2011 collection, its absolutely beautiful the white dresses are so crystal white. This collection is so fresh beautifully finished and tailored. The flowery design at edge of the dresses is the Cherie on top of the collection. Each and every design is so beautifully polished.

these are the backstage photos of the runway show

these are the backstage photos of the runway show

look at the flowless finishing of the makeup

look at the flowless finishing of the makeup


Valentino is one of my most favorite fashion designers he is considered as one of the most important and innovative designers in the world. I watched the runway show of Valentino at palazzo Pitti from 1962 and it was amazing no wonder he is one of the best.

Valentino was still a teenager when he left his hometown of Voghera for Paris to study fashion. Fashion was his passion he has come along way with fashion. He than moved to Rome to set up his first atelier. Word started spreading about a brilliant new creator of fashion, and from there began the rise of Valentino. In 1968 he launched his white collection wow and it was beautiful, This guy is good wow. The V logo appeared on fabrics and accessories, forming buckles and clasps.

During the 1970s and 1980s Valentino was the first Italian designer to launch ready-to-wear collections for men and women; to open boutiques in Rome and Milan, in the US and far East. Now this is an amazing designer not to mansion how many awards he has won OMG I lost count.

MY wish list

What i really want and will get it, is a leopard print, bag,shoe, belt,and scarf. These are the items that i really want. When i flip through my fashion magazine and i come across a leopard print bag or shoe my heart gets a beat that  i cannot control wow wow wow wow, It makes me go crazy. Whats on your wish list?