Japanese Beauty Secrets


While I was watching the movie called the memoires of
a geisha, I started becoming fascinated with Japanese skin care secrets. I
don’t know if you have realized but Japanese women have beautiful skin and
their aging process is much slower. I had to research and find out what are
they using or eating that makes their skin so healthy. And I found that they
eat food high in collagen and they use a powder called Nightingale which
basically is bird poop. I know you might be thinking that’s disgusting, but it
is really good for the skin.

They eat fish which provide you with omega 3 and they
eat lots of vegetables and rice. But there is another secret they eat seaweed
called Phytessence Wakame. You can eat it fresh and dried.

Phytessence Wakame is packed with:

  • Calcium (is times more than milk)
  • Minerals such as sodium, iron,
    potassium, and lots of B group vitamins. It has antioxidants too.

So see girls you can follow these steps and take your
skin routine to the next level.


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