Window shopping at the mall

Fashion starts at the shopping mall, it’s where you realize how much things you really want and sometimes can’t get. I love window shopping I don’t necessarily go to a shopping mall with the intentions of window shopping because it breaks my heart too much to leave the fashion I want. So the only time i get to do window shopping is when I’m going to actually buy something trendy to wear or when I’m there at the mall for something else like banking or something.

Well today I was there for many reasons including shopping and taking great pics for you guys to see what I like and what’s in trend this spring. I must tell you guys what I bought, I bought a pair of new sunglasses with the case which are gorgeous, a new long necklace, and green eye shadow eyeliner, purple and blue eyeliner. I had to buy new fresh colour eyeliners to brighten up my eyes for the summer; I’m very excited to use them. So check out my pics and let me know what you think of the stores, and clothing spics I took.


Sheek in da city magazine

I have decided to start my own online fashion magazine, i am very excited but yet i know i have got a lot of work to do to get it of the ground. I don’t really have a team yet so at the moment i am doing every thing my self, which is going to be hard but i don’t mind., i love fashion it is what i do. i am planning on launching the magazine in November, i don’t have an exact date yet on when but i will let you know. so if you guys have any suggestions for me feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email, i would really appreciate it. i am very excited for the launch.

Out and about

Out and about

Wet Seal flower dress
$30 –

Nicholas Kirkwood peep toe pumps
$795 –

Balenciaga clutch bag
635 –

Leather jewelry
4.99 –

Ellis Faas ‘E108’ Creamy Eyes
23 –
Feeling like going out and looking girly, this is the perfect look, OK let me be honest here if i had to go out right now this is what i would look like. i definitely love this look.

Swimwear styled up

Trina turcks is a fashion designer with great talent her swimwear collection at Mercedes Benzes fashion show was beautiful, fun sophisticated, styling inspired by print and a lot of colour. The collection presented a selection of cover ups and tunics, mixing swimwear with ready-to-wear collection. The clothing was very optimistic. I love it.

Beauty remedies


I know us ladies have had enough with bad skin, it is just such a disappointment when you wake up in the morning, looking in the mirror and finding out that you having a bad skin day. I mean we have tried every single product out there and nothing worked. But I bet you, you haven’t tried making your own healthy skin care remedies. You don’t have to go searching for them because I am will give them to you right here on my blog.

Here is the first remedy, do try it out and let me know how it was.

  • To help prevent pimples and reduce acne, wash your face with raw milk before you go to bed. This is an easy solution.
  • For another effective face mask, grind a mixture of fruit like oranges, or lemon and vegetables like cucumber peels in a mixer. Apply the mixture as a face mask and wash after 20 minutes off. Do this once a day for a week to see a good improvement in facial skin. And you’ll find glowing skin I a few days.
  • For beautiful smelling skin try mixing, sandal wood paste and raw milk into a mixture and rub on your face and hands, leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off. Do this once every two days for ten days and enjoy noticing a difference in your skin.