Becoming a fashion icon

Being a
fashion icon is what everybody interested in fashion wants to be. To become a
fashion icon can be challenging you have to dedicate yourself to looking always
beautiful no matter what. Your makeup, clothing, and hairstyles always need to
be to perfection. You have to be up to date with all fashion trends and you
need to know or you must be able to predict what’s coming soon in fashion.

A fashion
icon needs to always read high fashion magazines like Vogue, Ellle or Marie
Claire to be up to date with fashion trends, but when following trends a
fashion icon always needs to put their own twist to the trends to make it your
own. Visiting,,, and is also great
way to update yourself with fashion. Also read a lot of fashion blogs to help

To be
fashionable you don’t have to always buy expensive clothes. You can buy
affordable, fashionable clothes and style them up. I always say that if you are
a fashion icon than anything you wear whether it is expensive or not so
expensive, it will always look expensive and classy on you.

Invest in
your closet and buy smart, by buy smart I mean buy items that are diverse, that
can be transformed. The more you style yourself to perfection the more you’ll
be noticed and gain status as a fashion icon.

buying any clothes always try them on to make sure they look good on your body,
and try and get others opinion on how you look. Always maintain your skin and
nails. Make sure your nails are freshly painted you can go for a manicure but
you don’t always have to, if you can do your own nails by yourself than that’s fine.

Like Coco
Channel she is one of the most influential fashion designers/fashion icons of
all time. She was a trend setter never a follower that’s why she is an
inspiration to many.

Last note;
don’t ever leave the house without looking your best.


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