Silky feel, Viscose

Today I
went to the mall just to go and walk and look around for anything interesting
and beautiful. Since today is the first day of spring everyone is just so
excited to get back into their short and colorful dresses, shorts, and skirts.
I for one love spring because than I know summer is very close. So any wayThis is the Vest i bought today

before I get to carry away talking about spring I need to tell you guys about
this new vest I bought.  I walked into
one of the clothing store and a beautiful white vest caught my eye, I went to
touch and look at it, it had the most pleasing touch ever, I looked at the info
tag and I so that it was made out of a material called Viscose. It is so soft
and silky like, and it felt and looked fresh. I mean it was just a simple vest
but the way it felt it was just amazing.

Viscose is
created from a combination of natural and man-made components, and it can be
made into the more common form of rayon used for many types of textiles
products, including clothing. Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, and has
the ability to breath in a manner similar to cotton. It also has a good drape,
wrinkles easily and shrinks in hot water.

I could
honestly say that Viscose is one of my favorite fabrics, it’s beautiful. It is
definitely one of the fabrics I will use in my clothing collection that I’m
working on.


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