What’s your fashion spring sense?

Well it is September and we all know it’s the month
that represents the beginning of spring; my ideal spring sense is a beautiful,
fresh, short moving white dress with flowery/floral wedge shoe, with a pair of
soft pink sunglasses with pink leopard print sides. My makeup should be light,
fresh and clean, I’m thinking of a great mat powder all over my face just to
give me that clean even look, light gold eye shadow, rose cheek not too much
though just enough for that spring look, mascara no eye liner, because I want
my eyes to look open and bright, and end it with a pink lip gloss. I would like
my hair to be up into a pony tail or If I am going to carry my hair  loose I would pull my hair to the side for
that girly flirty look. Oh and before I forget my nails still needs to be done,
well for my nails I would choose a pink nail polish since pink is my favorite
color. This is my spring sense what’s yours, or if you are in another part of
the world where autumn is starting still do tell me what’s your sense for your



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