Trends this spring

It would never be spring if florals were not worn, that is why they are the biggest trends this spring/summer. To have a floral dress, shorts, shirt, shoe or a hair band in your closet is a must have for any of these items or all of them. D & G have the best floral dresses I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I have blogged a lot about D & G, I think they are my number one fashion designers this season. Prints are also huge this spring especially leopard print I have seen it being worn a lot, well I am very excited as seen before in my previous posts leopard print is my most favourite print. Linen pants are a must have they are so cool and they are great and comfortable for the beach. One of the most interesting, beautiful, and elegant trends for this season that I absolutely love is the sheer skirts or sheer dresses, they have a lady like, romantic look to them that I like. And for this season they are best in neutral, soft, or even black shades of colour.

The London fashion week was absolutely beautiful, the designers made beautiful collections, where every item was a must have.


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