Window shopping at the mall

Fashion starts at the shopping mall, it’s where you realize how much things you really want and sometimes can’t get. I love window shopping I don’t necessarily go to a shopping mall with the intentions of window shopping because it breaks my heart too much to leave the fashion I want. So the only time i get to do window shopping is when I’m going to actually buy something trendy to wear or when I’m there at the mall for something else like banking or something.

Well today I was there for many reasons including shopping and taking great pics for you guys to see what I like and what’s in trend this spring. I must tell you guys what I bought, I bought a pair of new sunglasses with the case which are gorgeous, a new long necklace, and green eye shadow eyeliner, purple and blue eyeliner. I had to buy new fresh colour eyeliners to brighten up my eyes for the summer; I’m very excited to use them. So check out my pics and let me know what you think of the stores, and clothing spics I took.


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