How to get a glowing complexion

Beautiful skin

  • Wash your face long before going to bed, as sometimes you do forget to wash your face when you’re tired. Research does show that skin repairs itself around 10pm.
  • Make sure to give your skin a treat once or twice a week by applying a great facial mask applicable to your skin’s needs and exfoliating your skin.
  • Try not to touch your face with your hands during the day as bacteria from your hands to your face are not good.
  • Avoid eating fatty food like your deep fried foods, junk food; too much of these foods strip the skin off nutrients, therefore leaving skin dull.
  • Cucumber is the greatest for skin as it assists in rejuvenating the skin and adjusting the skin from inside therefore producing it glowingly wonderful. To use cucumber for skin all you need to do is slice or grind down one cucumber and squeeze out its juice. Apply this freshly ready cucumber juice lightly around the confront and neck with a cotton ball. Repeat this 2-3 occasions inside the span of 20min following that with a wash with lukewarm water.
  • Utilizing banana with honey can provide you with immediate glowing skin simply blend one tablespoon of mashed totally ripped banana and ½ teaspoon honey. When you get the refined paste you needed, use it in your confront. Permit it dry for fifteen minute and clear skin with lukewarm water. Do these three times a week for great results.
  • Coconut milk can do amazing things for the skin. By mixing two tablespoon concentrated coconut milk and one teaspoon sandalwood powder you’ll be able to possess a nourishing paste for your skin. Leave on for fifteen min. This combination pack fits all of the skin tones you can do this every day.

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