When did you start creating jewellery?

  1. I started creating jewellery in 2006 when a friend of mine suggested
    that it would stop me from buying a lot. I was in varsity then and got real
    broke real fast (^^,). I thought it was a cool idea, on that very day I went
    to a nearby mall to go buy sum accessories *guilty pleasure* and came
    across a lady who made and sold jewellery. I was strongly attracted to
    the coasters she made and from there I knew I could turn this into an
    earring. I looked for another coaster that looked like that, the one I had
    but could not find anyone that looked exactly the same. So I took the one with
    a colour combo that looked slightly similar. The next day I went back to
    the mall with the newly made earrings and the lady nearly fell over. She
    was amazed at the fact that what she saw as a coaster I saw as an

Where do you get your inspiration from?
2. I got my inspiration from everywhere actually. I could be watching
television and I see a lady with gorr earrings and that image will remain
in my head I would go try and see if I could create an earring that
resembled the one I just saw, sometimes it works out other times it’s a
whole new different design. With the head gears I wanted to try
something different because I was getting tired of only JUST creating
earrings. Around the same time something terrible happened out of nowhere unexpected I got attacked. I was left with scars on my face
especially my forehead and desperately wanted to hide from the world.
Well I couldn’t because people wanted my creations and wanted to buy
from me. Luckily around the very same time Alicia Keys and S Beatz got
married and pics of their wedding surfaced, her diamond neckpiece was
what captured me. It was beautiful, so that inspired me to start
creating head pieces so I could still wear my creation and also hide my
scars. (2nd pic is 1 me and my colleagues last year @ our client xmas
party, I wore one of my first headgears ever made)
My choice of colors I get from my mom and sister. My mom loves bright
colors and she really never shy’s away from them but my sis is more of an
earth toned lover so I get that inspiration to mix both pallets
together. I never shy away from colour
This is how I actually started creating
Any advice for other jewellery designers?

3. Never lose hope, keep doing what you love grow with your passion.
Don’t let people derail you from the path that was meant for you. I have
had designers copying my work and its frustrating trust but I turn that
frustration around and actually give myself a pat on the back because if
someone goes out of their way to copy my style my work then I am good at
what I do. Don’t let that get you down keep true to yourself and keep
creating greatness. Get inspiration from your daily existence all that’s
around you develop YOUR own style, don’t take someone else’s design and make
it your own you don’t know what that person went through  to come up
with such a creation respect them.
Beading is a beautiful talent LIVE IT N LOVE IT

She has thec

aosters on her ears


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