Lipstick or Gloss

Lipstick and gloss are both great and they both have their times to be used. For me red lipstick is the ultimate lipstick to have in your make up bag. And gloss is versatile you can use for every look and for every occasion. The difference between gloss and lipstick is that lipstick your lips is the popper, and by popper i mean your lips should stand out. And gloss your eyes are the poppers.


Lipstick is great when you want to go for that classic beauty look with golden defined eyes. It is chic, fresh and stunning for going out in the evening or to any sophisticated function or when ever you feel in control, or empowered. red lipstick gives you that extra boost as a lady.

Lips; apply foundation to your lips to make the colour more brighter. Fill lips with a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick to help colour last longer. And here is a little tip for you girls,  after applying your lipstick put your forefinger between your lips and pull it out, this will take any extra lipstick off, and  on to your finger and won’t stick to your teeth.

Eyes; light gold shadow on your eyes and mascara to  finish the look, no eye pencil. When applying red lipstick i like to keep my eyes natural so that my lips stand out because red lipstick makes quite a statement, you don’t want over make up your eyes than your face will look to busy.


Now gloss gives you that casual flirty look and complete that with a dark defined eye. why we love gloss let me tell you ladies,  a gloss look is fresh, girly, fun, relaxed and versatile.

Lips; fill your lips with a lip liner that matches your skin colour and apply gloss. For extra pout add a little more gloss to your lips but be carefull not to over apply because it might became runny. here’s a quick tip,  before applying gloss, gently exfoliate your lips or brush them with a tooth brush to remove any loose skin.

Eyes; apply a dark eye shadow on your full eye than add a purple shadow on your outer corner of your eye just to give you that pop of colour, and then highlight your inner corner with a gold shadow. use black eye pencil on the bottom lid and tie the whole look up with two codes of mascara.

Use these make up tips and tell me how these tips worked for you. xx









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