SA bloggers facebook group

This is my 100th post and i would like to thank all my followers for all your support i appreciate you guys loving my posts. Remember i told you guys that i want to create an SA’s fashion bloggers network, well i have started a fashion bloggers group on Facebook and i would like as much fashion bloggers joining so that we can start interacting with each other. The groups name is “SA fashion bloggers” please do join. thanx guys looking forward to interaction with you guys.


SA Fashion blogging network

I want to create a platform for South African fashion bloggers to share their experiences, ideas, and tips on how to build a better fashion blog. And for them  to use this information to became a better fashion blogger. I will help all fashion bloggers by posting helpful articles, and tips on how to better your blog. The SA fashion blogging social platform gives all fashion bloggers the opportunity to ask questions and get answers and to host events to promote your fashion blog. This platform is to enrich the South African fashion blogging industry and to inspire all those who love fashion. If you have a fashion blog I will help you step by step in perfecting your blog.

This is my idea on what i want to do, i want to encourage fashion blogging and making a success out of it.Even though this is going to be for South African up and coming fashion bloggers everyone is welcome to join.

I would appreciate all my readers if they to comment on this and tell me what they think about this idea.