A walk into the past

Sometimes its lovely going back in time and look at how fashion was in the past long ago. I chose to look at the fashion from the medieval times, for me it was interesting because most of our fashion trends today are inspired by the medieval times.

Medieval fashion was dominated  and very much influenced by the kings and queens of that time, fashion changed with very new king and queen. Only the wealthy people could dress fashionably, and only the royalty could wear clothing of gold and purple silk. Only the wives or daughters of noble were allowed to wear velvet, satin sable or ermine. The Crusades was said to be the greatest influence on medieval fashion when fine silks, satin, damasks, brocades, and velvet’s were imported from the far east.

People from these times wore tunics, togas, trousers, and laced sandals. Fitted tunics remained the basic item of clothing. Gowns and sleeves were long and trailing. It’s amazing to see how fashion has changed.

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