Ancient Beauty Secrets

I am doing this new project and i would like all my readers to try this and tell me how it is working for you guys . We all have our own definition on what beauty is, but we all have a common goal with our selves and that is to have beautiful flawless skin. Every day for 10 days i will be posting ancient skin care tips for you guys to try, i will also try them out.

Women of the past in the ancient times looked after their skin with oatmeal and milk, and one of the ancient woman Cleopatra was known for her milk baths. Try this recipe at home;

Rich milk wash

1 cup powdered goats milk

1 cup quick cooking oats

Process it all in a blender until extremely fine. To use this mixture as a facial scrub, use 2 tablespoons, moisten with warm water. Gently rub onto skin and rinse. (bear in mind you can also add these into the bath). This mixture helps fights against aging, and exfoliates your skin. all together these ingredients will leave your skin unbelievably soft, glowing, and fresh.




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