Gregory Colbert

Gregory Colbert is my favorite photographer, and i am amazingly in love with his latest project “Ashes and Snow”. This project of his is all bout saving and restoring the relationship us humans have ones had with animals. These photographs touched my heart, they have so much meaning, expression, art, and creativity in them.




Surfing interesting photographs

Surfing the net looking for interesting photographs and content is what gets me excited and inspired all the time. Its amazing what  photographs people can capture.

images via we heart it

Shoe Shopppping

Shoes are every girls dream, but what gets me the most excited is seeing a shoe that touches my heart, and knowing that I have to have it otherwise I will never find that same shoe again.

Now these lace heels are my favorite,  wow they have so much character and that is exactly what i love about them.

We all know that i love leopard print, these are to die for.

These ones are just sooooo cute, i would totally rock them