The Peplum Trend

In case some of you guys didn’t know, peplum refers to a piece of ruffle around the waist, which adds volume while creating a flattering hourglass shape that every woman wants. Tops, skirts, dresses and jackets have undergone a peplum makeover this season.

For same ideas on how to wear this trend:

Since peplum is so voluminous, always pair it with sleek and streamlined pieces — like skinny jeans and wedge sandals — to keep the outfit from looking too over-the-top. Look at these pics for some inspirational ideas.








3 thoughts on “The Peplum Trend

  1. Do you know where I can find the orange skirt that you have pictured? I am pretty much in love with it, not to mention that its orange, and I’m a Clemson student, so I’m pretty much obsessed. I have seen the skirt all over Pinterest, but there is no link to where the skirt actually came from. I’ve even tried searching by image on Google, and can only find links similar to yours.
    If you know anything about where I could find this skirt, I would be so happy!!

    1. Hi hun u right that it is a very cute skirt, i found the skirt on “we heart it” and i think that you can get a similar if not the same, or even better peplum skirts from “polyvore” its an online shopping website. good luck to finding the skirt. and please let me know if u find it. xx

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