Marc Jacobs Ready to Wear winter collection 2012

Some fashion collections are crazy, or should I say sometimes the styling is crazy. But the actual items, like the coats, skirt, or hats are gorgeous if you look at them individually. Like this Marc Jacobs winter collection is fabulous, I especially love the coats they are trendy. But tell me, why do some runway shows go to overboard with the actual styling? I mean sometimes the styling over powers the true beauty of the designer pieces. Anyway its just a thought,  feel free to give me your own views on it.

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Central Saint Martins BA

This must be the weirdest collection I have ever seen on the runway. Weird shaped skirts, but clever, because a collection like this makes a statement since it is very unique. What do you guys think of the skirts?

Time To Shop Again

Of course us ladies love to shop, no doubt it is what we just enjoy doing. Well i have got some great fashionable items right here for you guys to buy. Choose what you like and buy. Trust me these bags and shoes are not items you would want to leave behind.

Issa ready to wear collection 2012

Well winter is well on its way now, i can feel the cold. And i need to spice up my closet with some fashionable pieces, ill go shopping after all my exams. In the mean while i looked at this great fashion collection of Issa, its amazing, i’m totally in love with it.

The Red Stiletto Expo

The Red Steletto Expo, was a fashion expo for women that i attended today. It was an amazing event that was all about inspiring women. There was a lot entertainment like dancing, singing, speeches, and fashion shows, show casing lingerie, work outfits, and winter wear. There was also belly dancing which i found completely amazing. I would not mind to take up belly dancing as a hobby, what those girls can do with there hips and bellies is awesome, i find it interesting and fun. The event had champagne, wine, snacks  and cupcakes, mmmmmm trust me that was absolutely delicious.