Get the leopard look

Get the leopard look
This is how you wear the leopard trend, i have seen to many girls wearing it completely wrong. following this trend is tricky, because if you over do it,  you can end up looking like a cat. So to be on the right side of fashion add a single leopard print item to your outfit to give it that edgy look.

Blog Changes

This is to all my followers,  thank you  for supporting me with my blogging, you guys have been the best. However i want to announce that i am going to be changing my blog name from Parismilan105 to Get the look. Reasons for this is because i want my blog not to focus on the whole range of fashion but,  just one aspect on fashion which is going to be styling. And the new name “Get the look” will compliment the content.

please guys let me know what you think?

Fashion Closet

A girls closet can tell you a lot about the girl, is she fashion crazy, fashion never minded, or just messy. And trust me if you a girl that is fashion crazy closet space and deco means everything to you. I for one, want a walk- in pink closet so badly, its one of the things my dream house will have to have.

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Winter Trends 2012

Winter trends this year are gorgeous and definitely a must have. Check, knee-high boots, parkas, and blanket coats seems to be making a statement on the fashion runway and in  magazines.


Checks are definitely back in trend, and  is easy to pull of, and wearing just a single check item can instantly give an undated look. Add a cropped check cape to your outfit and see the difference.

Knee-High Boots

I must say i hated the over- the- knee- boot trend it was uncomfortable to see girls where boots like that. But the knee-high boot is fashionably fabulous, no doubt . Its flattering, classic, and versatile, taking your outfit from down there to up there.


Whatever the weather you can go out. the parka trend never seems to be going out of style, and i can tell you why? because it is needed. This trend gets reinvented all the time, therefore parkas look better and better every season.


Blanket Coats

The blanket coat is exactly a blanket coat. It seems like people never wanted to leave their blankets in the morning so they decided to turn it into a coat, and what a great idea it was. This trend is on top and definitely every girl should get one. All these trends will make me enjoy winter to the fullest.

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