How to: Alexander Wang’s futuristic ponytail.

We all want to have designer/runway hairstyles. This Alexander Wang hair do is simple and edgy,  follow these steps and walk the runway xx

Apply a product to texturise the hair. Backstage at Alexander Wang, the models damp hair was being prepped with Redken Satinwear.


The hair was then blow-dried in sections using the Sultra Temptress hair dryer. It is key that you use a blow dryer that has the power to dry hair quickly so you don’t damage your hair.


Part the hair down the middle of the scalp for a clean, classical centre part.


Smooth the hair and pull it back tightly into a low ponytail.


You’ll now want to add a bit of extra texture to the bottom of the ponytail. At Alexander Wang the hair team used the Sultra Bombshell comb to tease in some texture. You can also use a curling iron to give the end of your ponytail a few curls before lightly combing them out. This gives natural movement and bounce to the end of the ponytail.


Finally, spray with a hairspray that will hold the look in place but still allow it to move. At Alexander Wang, Redken Fashion Work was used to finish off the style.

If you’re feeling daring you can recreate the final futuristic touch by adding a strip of tape down the centre part.


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