Valentine’s Day Ideas

So Its Valentine’s Day tomorrow and i bet all you guys have beautiful plans. I have no idea what i will be doing tomorrow, I have two options’

  1. Joining my friends for a picnic
  2. Or visit my boyfriend, but it depends on if he will be home this weekend, but any way enough about me.

So we all know that valentine’s day is a money making day, but do we care, NO,  because as much as some of us say that we don’t care about the day we still want to feel special and loved. So here is some awesome ideas for guys to try out tomorrow.

  1. Have a romantic movie night, and some awesome movies to watch is, The vow, Date night, The best of me, The best man, If only, and A walk to remember. You can add some delicious finger snacks like  grilled chicken wings, cut up sausages, and pizzas ooooh and let me not forget KFC zinger wings are suppppper dope too.
  2. You can never go wrong with a picnic, packing a nice bottle of wine or bubbly, cute sandwiches, chocolates and obviously strawberries.
  3. Writing a hand written love note to your loved one is very special, so write one with details of where and what time they must meet you at a special restaurant.
  4. Or if you live on your own decorate you lounge area, cook a delicious dinner and have your Valentine over and than later on lol u know the rest of the surprise.

Okay so these ideas you can also try with your friends if you don’t have a special Valentine. The movies, picnic, and dinner idea is awesome ideas to try out.

download (5)


download (8)

download (7)

download (6)

download (9)

images (19)



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